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Wheelchair Lift and Ramp Repair

Even if your a really skilled Technician or know one that would be be willing to fix your wheelchair lift or ramp van for free, your more than likely going to be better off bringing it to a Automotive Innovations,  a mobility dealer with more than 25 years of experience repairing Braun, Ricon, Crow River, Target and Savaria wheelchair lifts.

Many of the most Well-known troubles are intermittent. So where can you find someone with the experience and knowledge to find out the root problem? Automotive Innovations technicians have decades of experience and will fix the problem as fast as possible.

Warranties: Some dealers offer long warranties that require you to come in for check ups twice a year. If you add up the cost of all the checkups you end up paying a lot more than the average repairs to a van over the there 5 year extended warranty

When seeking out service or repairs for Braun lift, Ricon wheelchair lift or a lowered floor ramp mobility van generally You will find a little number of mobility dealers to choose amongst, but guarantee you think about in consideration cost together with the high quality when utilizing the service furnished. In order to find a answer to a problem, a mobility van repair technician ought to know how you can converse appropriately and get Info meticulously. In order to find a answer to a problem, a mobility van repair technician really should know how to converse appropriately and get Information meticulously.

Being in a working and mutual relationship having a van mobility repair technician is helpful Not simply to solve the present problem but at the same time to gain Maintenance and excellent advice in order to keep the well-being of your mobility van. Keeping your mobility van safe and reliable has become an growing priority for individuals all over New England.

Wheelchair Lifts from Ricon and VMI

Ricon makes some of the finest personal use wheelchair lifts and commercial handicap lifts in America. As a leading certified wheelchair lift repair dealer in MA Automotive Innovations is your source for Ricon wheelchair platform lift service and repair. Our trained staff can help you keep you wheelchair lift in tip top shape for your full size van or minivan, and our factory certified service technicians can service your lift to the highest standards in the mobility industry. Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA also has Ricon lift parts, and can do service work or repairs on any existing VMI handicap lift. You can also contact us with any service or repair work for your lift for wheelchairs.

Commercial Lift Service and Adaptive Equipment Repairs

Service and Maintenance For Wheelchair Lifts, Ambulettes and Commercial Fleet Vehicles


New England Wheelchair lift and ramp service

We have been located in Bridgewater, MA for over 20 years and are a full service automotive mobility repair shop specializing in handicap wheelchair van and lift repair as well as mobility fleet maintenance and repair.  We serve the South Shore ,Boston, Seekonk, Norwood, North Attleboro, Quincy,  and the Greater New England area.

Providence, RI, Warwick, RI, West Warwick, RI, North Providence, RI, Pawtucket, RI, Woonsocket, RI, Barrington, RI, Warren, RI, Bristol, RI, Valley Falls, RI, Cumberland Hill, RI, Fall River, MA, Seekonk, MA, Attleboro, MA, North Attleboro, MA, Somerset, MA, Taunton, MA

Automotive Innovations is Ricon, VMI and Braun lift Certified mobility service facility, a Ricon, VMI & Braun Parts Dealer, and Certified Mobility Master Tech. 

Our Mobility Van Services Include:

General Auto Repair – All Makes and Models

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Automobile Diagnostics

Livery Vehicle Repair

Wheel Chair Van Repair – Fleet &

Personal Wheel Chair Lift Repair – Ricon& Braun

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

Pick Up and Delivery Service Available

Towing Service Available

Offering Wheelchair Van Auto Repair, Handicap Lift Sales, Service, Repair and Maintenance, and more for customers in the South Shore and Greater Boston Area:

Wheelchair Van Sales and Service

Automotive Innovations Bridgewater serves New England, MA, RI, CT, VT, NH, & ME, including Boston MA, Newburyport MA, Amesbury MA, Salisbury MA, Ipswich MA, Lowell MA, Andover MA, Lawrence MA, Haverhill MA, Salem MA, Beverly MA, Danvers MA, Peabody MA, Swampscott MA, Lynn, MA, Marblehead MA, Saugus MA, Revere MA, Malden MA, Melrose MA, Arlington MA, Winchester MA, Bedford MA, Billerica MA, Burlington MA, Tewksbury MA, Dracut MA, Chelmsford MA, Westford MA, Dover NH, Rochester NH, Seabrook NH, Exeter NH, Hampton NH, Portsmouth NH, Dover NH, Salem NH, Derry NH, Londonderry NH, Manchester NH, Concord NH, & Nashua NH. Thank you for choosing us for your Mobility and needs and More.

Customer 1st Award year after year decade after decade we put your needs first.

Mechanical repair parts for commercial wheelchair minibuses, paratransit buses and ambulettes from leading manufacturers of wheelchair lifts and conversion vans

We are a factory authorized repair facility for the Braun Corporation

We offer quality repairs for Commercial Wheelchair Lift & Paratransit lifts

Avoiding Problems With Your Wheelchair Lift

Almost all wheelchair lift problems can be attributed to three main things. I would like to talk a little about each one and what you can do to be proactive in preventing problems that could stop your lift from operating.

Reason Number 1: Operator Error. It may not be P.C. to bring it up, but many issues are caused by the user hurrying, not taking the proper precautions, or simply attempting to operate the lift in a situation it is not designed for. Let me expand on this a little.

We all know the obvious things an operator can do wrong. Lowering a lift on to extremely uneven ground or folding a platform into a van door that is not fully opened, if you have manual doors. The things that you need to think about are the issues that aren’t so obvious, but can still cause damage. Things like making sure you fully fold the platform when you are putting it in the stowed position. A lot of times people tend to release the fold switch too soon because the lift makes excessive noise when it cinches tight. Far from being a problem, that noise is a good thing  What you’re hearing is the electric actuator “ratcheting,” which tells you that the lift is fully stowed and will not rattle as much while you’re driving. A tightly stowed platform will prevent certain lift components from wearing out prematurely, so be sure to keep the fold button pressed!

Another not-so-obvious issue is to make sure the outer roll stop deploys fully before you exit the platform. Think about it. If you are in a hurry and the roll stop is not completely down on the ground, your weight when rolling off of it is going to put excessive stress on those parts and you could cause problems that are easily avoidable. Even if the tip of the roll stop is up just a little bit, take the time to lower it completely before you exit the platform.

Reason Number 2: Lack of Maintenance. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance – I can’t say those words enough! Your dealer should set up a maintenance program for you and your lift should be in their shop for a regular check up at least twice a year. Every lift built after 2005 has a cycle counter on it that will tell us the total number of times you’ve used your lift, and all lifts should be maintained every 750 cycles. This is a short point.  All you need to know is that if you don’t maintain your lift, something will eventually stop working!

Reason Number 3: Broken Parts. No matter what the product, we’ve all encountered that unexpected broken part that seems to go bad for no apparent reason. This actually represents a small percentage of wheelchair lift failures, and it can usually be avoided if the lift is maintained on a regular basis (see reason #2 above!). A typical situation might be a wiring harness that gets cut by a lift component. This type of issue rarely happens out-of-the-blue, and with routine maintenance your dealer should be able to see the problem starting to occur and fix it before it gets worse.

That about sums it up  The bottom line is that a properly operated and maintained wheelchair lift should give you years of reliable service.  Read your manual and work closely with Automotive Innovations to make sure your lift is ready to go whenever you are.  If you have any question or are having an issue with your BraunAbility lift, please call us at 508-697-8324.

Automotive Innovations Massachusetts sells and installs only the highest quality wheelchair van lifts and sells only the best wheelchair van ramps. Whether you require a single post lift, a double post lift, an under-the-vehicle lift, a side-entry wheelchair van or rear-entry minivan wheelchair van, Automotive Innovations Massachusetts will work with your specific application and help determine which wheelchair van lift or ramp will work best for you. There are many variations and different kinds of wheelchair van lifts and ramps to choose from, which is why our highly trained Mobility Consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.

Here is a list of the most common lifts and ramps that Automotive Innovations Massachusetts technicians modify on a daily basis:

  1. Wheelchair Platform Lifts

  2. Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts

  3. Side-Entry Wheelchair Ramps (Manual & Automatic)

  4. Rear-Entry Wheelchair Ramps (Manual & Automatic)

  5. Raised Roofs

  6. Raised Doors

  7. Lowered Floor Minivans

Mobility Equipment Options

For close to 25 years, Automotive Innovations Massachusetts has been providing our customers the highest quality mobility equipment products. Because of our loyalty and high purchase volume, our manufacturers think of Automotive Innovations Massachusetts first when they want a vehicle modification company to represent their products.

When we find a product that meets a need that is reliable and safe, Automotive Innovations Massachusetts will include it into our product line.

Wheelchair Locking Devices – EZ Lock Sales, service and repair

EZ Lock’s long history of rigorous and successful impact testing on their wheelchair locking devices, which makes them the premier choice wheelchair docking safety. EZ Lock wheelchair locking devices are tested in accordance with standards recommended in SAE J2249/ISO 10542. Along with the required testing, EZ Lock actually impact tests the specific wheelchairs that they provide docking systems for. The versatility of the EZ Lock wheelchair locking devices provide you with more choice than any other docking system.

BL-7317 Docking Base

The new BL-7317 Docking Base is a product that has been based on over twenty years of research, testing, and hands on experience. The design is based on the BL-6290 Docking Base, which is time tested and has proven to perform extremely well. The BL-7317 had additional features such as a longer service life, as well as simplifying routine maintenance. Here are some more features:

  1. Hardened steel reinforcement

  2. Detachable locking mechanism for maintenance and service

  3. Accepts the optional remove cable release

  4. Durable powder coated finish

  5. Includes the dependable ECU-3 electronics package

BL-6290 Docking Base

This revolutionary docking system was introduced over twenty years ago, and it had changed the way people thought about wheelchair mobility and transpiration. Its versatile, reliable, and safe alternative to fabric strap tie-downs has made this docking base the first of its kind in the mobility industry.

Here are some more features:

  1. Over twenty years of proven performance

  2. Accepts the optional remote cable release

  3. Durable powder coated finish

Connect with your local Automotive Innovations Mobility Consultant to learn more about how the EZ Lock wheelchair locking devices can be the perfect fit for you!

Power Door Openers

If you need or want a higher degree of independence, Automotive Innovations Massachusetts can install power doors on the side or rear of your vehicle.

SoloRider Accessible Golf Cart

This wheelchair accessible golf cart from SoloRider, allows you to stay in the game and enjoy the freedom of being out on the course with ease and comfort.

Wheelchair Accessible Van Service Center

We highly recommend regular maintenance for your safety and to avoid any unexpected problems during daily usage of your wheelchair lift, wheelchair van, and wheelchair accessible adaptive driving equipment. Automotive Innovations cares about your safety - We are proud to provide our online automatic service reminder application that will email you reminders about regular maintenance. Sign up using the form below today and eliminate the risk of forgetting about regular maintenance.

Regular Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance


Handicap Accessible Vehicles for people in New England

Financing Opportunities

Finance Handicapped Vans and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Bringing you the best possible financing options is easy at Automotive Innovations for people in New England, because we work with lenders across the country.  Our lenders have programs designed to ensure that you find the best terms available on handicapped vans and wheelchair accessible vehicles, and these lenders have a remarkable 95% approval rating for credit applications.  This makes it easier than ever for you to get the mobility van that you need, whether you are seeking a new or used vehicle.

Affordable Disability Vehicle Payments

Offering extended terms to our customers is just one more way that we help make it easier to find the vehicle that you need.  These terms offer up to ten years to pay off a disability vehicle, lowering your payments so that they are more affordable.  Our loans do offer simple rates, ensuring that early repayment does not mean penalties for you and ensuring that all money paid in addition to the minimum due is applied directly to the principal balance of your loan.

Special Service Programs for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The mobility vehicle that you choose will be a very important part of your life, and Automotive Innovations has extended service plans for your Honda Mobility van that can help you keep your investment protected.  We know how important protection and peace of mind can be, and our plans will cover your vehicle, your mobility system, or both for many years and many miles.

Our protection plans offer terms that have an array of deductibles.  You will find that deductibles range from zero up to one hundred dollars, and that the plans span anywhere from one to seven years.  All of our new wheelchair accessible vehicles and most of our used handicap vans can be outfitted with one of these plans.  Protecting your vehicle costs only a few cents per day and can help you eliminate the expense and stress that come with unexpected repairs.

Power Transfer Seat

The 6-way Power Transfer Seat™ from Ricon makes transfers from wheelchair to driver's or passenger's seat convenient and easy. It saves you valuable time, too. At the touch of a fingertip, the fully automatic Power Transfer Seat™ swivels 90 degrees to allow carefree transfers. Individual controls for front to rear travel and height give you complete control and comfort. And with Ricon's quality commitment, you'll have dependable freedom for years to come.

Power Transfer Seat™ Advantages:

  1. Fingertip Control

  2. Fits Most Full-Size Vans

  3. Adaptable to Most Seats

  4. Adjustable to Rotate Left or Right

  5. 1 year limited warranty

  6. Completely Automatic Rotation

  7. All functions are independent for maximum flexibility

To learn more about or

to purchase this product call 508-697-8324.

Ricon Wheelchair Lifts & Parts For Lifts


Safety Standard Non-Compliance Recall Notification (# 06E101000)
This notice is posted as a convenience to our customers who wish to check their Ricon lift serial number(s) against the master list of lifts requiring inspection and/or repair.

Ricon Corp. has determined that a safety related non-compliance with S6.10.2.7 of the 403 (Inner Barrier Interlock) exists in certain “DOT Public Use” wheelchair lifts only manufactured between January 6, 2006 and September 6, 2006.  

The potential non-compliance is the result of the inner barrier interlock switch system in the lift baseplate not detecting the presence of a passenger (either wheelchair or standee) on the barrier and allowing the platform to move down more than one inch below floor level when occupied.  

This condition can result during installation if the installer runs wires through the baseplate assembly and the wires lodge under the trigger block of the interlock interfering with the switch movement.  In the event this condition occurs during passenger operations it may be possible for the wheelchair to tip backwards onto the platform if the user is backing onto the lift from inside the vehicle and has the small front wheels fully or partially on the inner barrier when the platform was lowered.  A standee could lose his or her balance if they were positioned fully or partially on the inner barrier when the platform was lowered.  Either condition could cause personal injury.   No incidents have been reported to date.  

Locate the Serial number(s) on your lift(s).  Enter each serial # in the space provided at the bottom of this page and press submit.  If your serial # is one of those included in this recall follow the procedures outlined below to determine if your lift(s) needs adjustment or modifications:        

  1. 1.Park the vehicle in a safe location and operate the lift through the unfold/deploy cycle.

  2. 2.With the lift at the vehicle floor level, place a 25 pound weight completely on any part of the inner barrier, (yellow painted plate) and push the down switch.

  3. 3.If the lift platform goes down one inch or less and then stops all movement, the lift does not require adjustment or modification and may be returned to normal service.

  4. 4.If the platform continues to move downward, the operator should take the following steps:          

  5. a.Remove the 25-pound weight, return the lift to the stowed position and turn power off to the hand control.

  6. b.Tag the lift to show it is NOT OPERATIONAL following your own “lockout/red tag” procedures.

  7. c.Contact the Ricon Customer Support Department at 800-322-2884 for guidance on how to correct the non-compliance.

  8. d.DO NOT USE THE LIFT again until a factory-trained technician has corrected the non-compliant condition.

Upon notification from you, Ricon will work with you to locate and correct the source of interference or other problem with the inner barrier interlock switch as quickly as possible. If you are already factory trained to perform service on Ricon lifts, the repairs can be done at your location. If you are not factory trained to service Ricon lifts, we will arrange for the repairs to be done at the nearest Ricon authorized service center/dealer.  

Lift repairs may include removal and/or re-routing any added wire running through the baseplate, adjustment of the inner barrier interface with the baseplate or replacement of the switch block assembly. We will provide all the necessary adjustment instructions and/or replacement parts Free of Charge.    

We have attached an “Inspection/Repair Log”, for your convenience, to record the inspection and/or repairs that are completed on your lifts. Please download this form and fax a copy of the completed Log indicating the inspection and/or repairs were completed to (818) 267-3138.  

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.  If you have any questions concerning these procedures please contact Ricon at (818) 267-3038

Ricon Wheelchair Lifts from Vantage Mobility International (VMI)

VMI Fiorella F500 handicap lift

The Fiorella F500 handicap lift is the newest mobility platform lift in the VMI line of mobility transportation solutions. Fiorella has manufactured wheelchair lifts for over 15 years and distributes in 47 different countries.

This Fiorella handicap platform lift features a unique design that is attuned to the specific needs of disabled individuals. Customer experience is the primary focus behind the engineering and creativity that goes into each and every F500 platform mobility lift.

Using the industry’s best-in-class manufacturing facility, VMI delivers the highest quality platform lifts for vans, designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets. VMI Ricon wheelchair lifts have been developed for optimum strength and convenience and feature the most current technology available to ensure your complete satisfaction. VMI Ricon wheelchair lifts can make almost any full size van a handicap accessible van.

Today VMI manufactures a full line of wheelchair lifts with 7 styles to choose from:

Slide-Away Wheelchair Lift
Sliding Platform Lift

A revolution in platform lift design, the Slide-Away provides you the strength and durability only available in a dual-post lift, with the flexibility and interior room you need. When using the lift, the sliding second tower travels toward the front of the vehicle, and when not in use it travels toward the rear of the vehicle leaving the side door unobstructed for able-bodied users and providing full use of the front passenger seat. The most innovative platform lift design the industry has seen in a long time. The strength and safety of a dual post lift PLUS the clear access and front passenger seat functionality you thought was only possible with a single post lift. The Slide Away handicap lift has a rated lifting capacity of 600lbs, with an 800lb. installation kit available for some applications.

View the Slide-Away Product Spec Sheet here

Clearway Wheelchair Lift
Split Platform Lift

The Clearway’s fully automatic split platform folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump allow quick, reliable operation. Handrails on the frame provide increased comfort and security.

It features a stable, non-skid platform with automatic inboard and outboard rollstops, a built-in manual backup system, pre-lubricated bearings at all major pivot points for durability, and dual-power cylinders for smooth operation. It also includes Sto-Lok™ technology to ensure a quiet ride.

An optional power remote control, internal swing door operator and sliding door operator are available for even greater convenience.

The Clear way comes with a five-year limited warranty, including hydraulic components, and a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Clearway handicapped lifts are designed for optimum accessibility and efficient operation.

View the Clearway Product Spec Sheet here

UNI-lite Wheelchair Lift
Electric Lightweight Personal Lift

The UNI-Lite, which features 1/4″-thin platform and aluminum alloy construction, weighs only 160 lbs., yet it can easily lift as much as 600 lbs.

Like all VMI platform lifts, the UNI-Lite aluminum wheelchair lift combines strength and reliability with features that allow convenience and easy operation. These include an internal swing door operator and sliding door operator, a powered rollstop with mechanical latch, and handrails with control switch. The UNILite lift also features a built-in manual back-up system and may be equipped with an optional remote control.

This affordable lift is easy to maintain and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

The UNI-Lite is one of the world’s lightest, smoothest and quietest handicap lifts.

View the UNI-lite Product Sheet here

Reliant Wheelchair Lift
Versatility Lift

The Reliant’s trim, compact design allows you to make the most of your interior space, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure years of dependable use. It also features no-lube bearings at all major pivot points and patented Sto-Lok technology that securely locks the platform in the stowed position.

This lift is incredibly easy to operate thanks to features such as automatic inboard/outboard rollstops, a non-skid platform, and convenient handrails with a control switch for lowering and raising the lift. The Reliant also includes a built-in manual backup system.

It comes with an optional power remote control, internal swing door operator and sliding door operator and is available in a range of dimensions to accommodate scooter lengths of up to 51″.

The Reliant is covered by a five-year limited warranty.

The Reliant combines strength and dependability in a unique, compact design.

View the Reliant Product Sheet here

Klearvue Wheelchair Lift
Folding Platform Lift

The KlearVue’s unique folding lift design eliminates hazardous blind spots, providing an unobstructed view for drivers as well as passengers. Its compact design also means no modifications must be made to your vehicle’s roof or door  even when a long platform is necessary for larger wheelchairs and power scooters. It accommodates a 51″ platform in a 48″ door.

This powerful and quiet handicap lift for vans also features a built-in manual back-up system, automatic inboard/outboard rollstops, permanent, and no-lube bearings at all major pivot points.

The Klear Vue folds to a compact size, giving drivers an unobstructed view of the road.

View the KlearVue Product Spec Sheet here

S-Series Commercial Wheelchair Lift
Transit Use Platform Lift

Ricon S-Series handicap platform lifts from Vantage Mobility International offer a wide variety of unique features that ensure efficient, safe, and comfortable travel in commercial wheelchair transport applications.

Whether for a bus, shuttle van, or ambulette, the S-Series line of platform mobility lifts utilizes a compact but sturdy design that inegrates standee handrails and occupant safety belts. In short, the Ricon S-Series commercial lifts are perfect for any business looking for more wheelchair access.

Additional features of the Ricon S-Series wheelchair platform lift include stainless steel fittings, lubracation free bearings, and hydraulic cylinders. The affordable S-Series commercial mobility lifts also comply with all applicable ADA standards and come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Standard Features:

  1. ADA Compliant

  2. Compact Design

  3. Mechanical Inboard and Outboard Rollstops

  4. Sto-Lok Technology

  5. Stainless Steel Fittings

  6. Lubrication Free Bearings

Application Charts

For Personal Full-Size Chevy Vans

For Personal Full-Size Dodge Vans

For Personal Full-Size Ford Vans

For Personal Full-Size GMC Vans

Ricon Service Manuals

Note: If you have trouble viewing these operator manuals, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.1.1 (at no cost) from the Adobe website: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Note: If you experience problems selecting the links in the manuals, carefully place your cursor on the lines that define the box, not on the text in the box. You should then see the cursor change to a hand-with-pointing-finger, which will open the link when clicked.

Note: In an effort to provide the most up to date instructions and parts, the product manuals contained on this site are periodically updated and may contain information that is more current than the printed product manuals that accompany each product.

Note: The Activan division has been sold to El Dorado. For further information on this product line, please contact them.

Dodge minivan model, for Caltrans use


Dodge minivan model, for personal use


GM minivan model, for Caltrans use


GM minivan model, for personal use


Illustrated non-OEM Equipment Index



SSBF DOT-Public Use Lift



BR2-3000 Series, Commercial Use


BR2SS-3000 Series, Commercial Use


BR2C Series, Commercial Use



S1000-P Series (S-series), split platform, for personal use



Note: The Eclipse product line has been discontinued.

F8000 Series, International Use


F8000 Series, Commercial Use


Eclipse™ LX

Note: The Eclipse product line has been discontinued.

F8100 Series, International Use


F8100 Series, Commercial Use



F8200 Series, International Use



FoldOver, for Neoplan


FoldOver, for Gillig


FR2-3000 Series, Commercial Use


FR2SS, Commercial Use


ER6-Series, Low-Floor Bus Ramp


ER7-Series, Low-Floor Bus Ramp


621R-Series, Low-Floor Bus Ramp



Innovator (SPL), Personal Use Lift


K-Series® KlearVue®

K-Series, Personal and Transit Use Lift


K-Series, DOT - Private Use Lift


K-Series, DOT - Public Use Lift



F9T-DE, -DS, -SG, etc, Commercial Use



PSL-20 series, Commercial Use



F9A-Series, Commercial Use Lift


F9A-Automatic Series, Commercial Use


F9B-Series, Personal Use Lift


F9B-Series, International Use Lift


F9TF-Motorcoach DOT - Public Use Lift


F9T-Series, Transit Use Lift


F9T-Series, Transit Use, Spanish


F10X-Series, DOT - Public Use Lift


Power Door Operators

RDO 2500 Series, for sliding door applications


RDO 2700 Series, for swing door applications


RDO 2900 Series, for swing door applications


RDO 3000 Series, for swing door applications


Power Parking Brake

R1250 model


6-Way® Power Seat bases

6-Way, R1208-Series


6-Way, R1209-Series



S1000-R series (S-series), solid platform, for personal use


Remote Controls

Radio receiver, early style


Radio receiver, keychain type



Slide-Away, DOT Private Use


Slide-Away, International Use



PF4000 Series, for custom installation


PF5-3000 Series, for custom installation


PF7000 Series, for custom installation



Note: The SpacePRO product line has been discontinued.

HC-L002, -L003, etc, for commercial motor coach use


Step Lifts

PSL-10 Series, Commercial Use


PSL-20 Series, Commercial Use



S-Series, S1000 Personal Use Lift


S-Series, DOT - Private Use Lift


S-Series, International Use Lift


S-Series, Transit Use, Commercial


S-Series, DOT - Public Use Lift


S-Series, Transit Use (ADA)


S-Series, Transit Use (ADA) Manual


S-Series, Personal Use, Multi-Language


S-Series, Commercial, Multi-Language


W-Series (World Lift)



S/K-Series, DOT - Public Use Lift 


S/K-Series, Export Use Lift 


TL2 (Thin platform lift)

Phantom, Personal Use


Phantom, Commercial Use


TL2, Commercial Use, Spanish language


Mark 1, DOT Personal Use Lift



U6 series, Personal Use


UNI-lite series, DOT Personal Use Lift




S-Series, DOT - Public Use Lift 


Service Bulletins

09-07-10  FR2G-Series Ramps - Deutsch Connectors

02-21-10  S & K 55XX-Series - Hydraulic Cylinder Retrofit Kit

02-01-10  Windows Assembly - Protective Liner Maintenance

09-10-09  Windows Assembly - Flex Channel

07-13-09  S & K-Series - Vertical Arm Set Screws

08-12-08  Slide-Away - Models with S/Ns 224597-Lower and S/Ns 224598-Above

07-31-07  R12XX-Series - Transfer Seat Base

09-06-06  S & K-Series - Upgrades

08-04-06  S & K-Series - Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Replacement

03-10-06  S & K-Series - Non-Reflective Tape for Sensor Covers

03-10-06  S & K Series - Bridgeplate Switch Upgrade

03-03-06  S & K 55XX-Series - Inboard Rollstop Jamming on Baseplate

03-03-06  Mark 1 - Elect. Diagram with Interlock Harness and Interconnection Diagram

06-17-05  HCL - Carriage Lock

05-30-05  S & K-Series - Hydraulic Pump

10-05-04  S & K-Series - Platform Pressure Switch

10-05-04  S & K-Series - Hand Control Pendant

03-12-04  METRA Gallery - Stow Switch and Travelling Frame Slack

07-24-03  S & K-Series - Stow Lock Latch

08-08-03  F9T & F9TF - Platform Stow Height

07-03-02  Activan - Improper Use of Folding Ramp as a Handrail

07-03-02  Activan - Resealing Solid State Controller

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Automotive Innovations, Inc. makes every effort to ensure that our information on this website is accurate and true. However, Automotive Innovations, Inc. cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information provided by outside sources. Please verify all equipment, price and options before purchase. Vehicle availability is subject to prior sale.

Are you looking for a place to buy, repair and/or service your accessible Ricon wheelchair van lift? We can help call us to schedule an appointment today!

Over the past 30+ years we’ve been servicing and installing mobility equipment into vehicles. So if you’re in need of hand controls, a zero effort steering system, left foot gas pedals or any other device that will offer you greater freedom and independence bring your Accessible van to us today no matter the year or model.

We are a one stop shop located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts that provides our customers with access to the custom fitment, service and repair of all the leading mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles.

All of our new and used mobility vans offer tie downs and other important safety features as well as the ability to be easily upgraded with EZ Locks and other equipment.

We carry many brand names such as Toyota, HondaFord, and Chrysler/Dodge. We keep a selection of new and used vehicles in stock, we also accept trade in vehicles as well.

We will accept virtually all non-modified vehicles that are preferably under 10 years old with odometers at 100,000 miles or less. You can also trade in a converted mobility vehicle from Braun, VMI, Rollx, and, even a AMS converted handicap vans.

We are a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.

We understand that every one person’s needs and desires are different. Contact us today for a demonstration on what our vehicles and equipment can offer to help make your life more mobile and convenient.

Our Certified Mobility Consultants will be happy to answer all of your Mobility questions and will gladly take the time to discuss the handicapped accessible vehicles and options that you feel might be the best fit to meet and fulfill your mobility needs. We will even come to you, demonstrating our vehicles at your home or place of work.